Messaging Users

Checking Your Received Messages

When you have a new message in your inbox, the next time you load a page in moodle you will see a small popup in the lower right corner 'New message!'. The Messages Block on the right-hand side of moodle will also display the number of new messages next to your name.

Click the new messages icon next to your name in the Messages Block to read your messages and respond to them.

If you are not signed in to moodle when you receive a message, you will be notified by email to your school email address.

Sending a Message

There are several ways to message someone in moodle:

  1. You can click the name of the person you wish to message anywhere it appears in moodle to be taken to their user profile. At the bottom of their profile is a link 'Send a message'.
  2. You can click the message icon next to their name in the Online Users block on the right-hand side of moodle if they are signed in
  3. You can click 'Messages' in the Message Block on the right-hand side of moodle to view your message center, and type in part of the name you are looking for in the search box at the top.

Setting Your User Picture and Profile

Click the 'Update Profile' link underneath the logout button on the User Account Block on the right-hand side of moodle. Here you can fill out your moodle profile, change settings and choose your user image. You can either drag and drop an image into the User Picture section to choose it, or select 'Add' and upload a file that way.

Your user picture is visible on the User Account block whenever you are signed in, as well as appearing on the Online Users block and any messages you send.

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