Joining a Class

Enrolling in a Course

Select the category (e.g. Mathematics) that the course you wish to enrol in falls under from the Course Categories list on the left of moodle. If you have already enrolled in another course, you will need to click the 'All Courses' button on the 'My Courses' block instead.

Once on the category page, select the course (e.g. Mathematics 7). Now click the 'Enrol Me' button and you're good to go! 

If the course you are trying to enrol in has a password, you will need know the password before you can enrol. Your teacher will have the password for you!

Unenrolling from a Course

Finished a class and no longer want it to appear in your course list on moodle? Simply visit the page for the course you wish to remove and then click the 'Unenrol me' button on the Settings Block in the bottom right corner of moodle and confirm. That's all there is to it!

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