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The test activity (called a quiz in moodle) allows you to create a test of questions of various types such as multiple choice, matching, numerical and short answer. You can allow the test to be resit multiple times with the questions or answers shuffled, allow only one attempt and you can even have a number of questions randomly selected from a larger pool and set a time limit.

Each attempt by students is marked automatically from predefinied answers except short answer or essay questions. You can choose to provide a hints option, feedback or whether students get to see the correct answers after the test.

You can choose to run an open or closed book test. In an open-book test, the student will be able to access resources on the computer such as the calculator and Internet. In a closed-book test, you can prevent the student from using anything other than moodle.

Running an Open-Book Test

Adding a Test to Moodle

  • Browse to your course
  • Turn on Editing Mode from the button at the top-right corner of moodle or from the Settings Block at the bottom right of moodle
  • Select 'Add an activity or resource' under the desired topic
  • Select 'Quiz' and click Add
  • Name the quiz and write an introduction if desired
  • Click the blue mark next to each setting to learn their purpose and set up the test rules as desired
  • If you wish students to be able to review their results themselves, you must tick options under the 'Review Options' section
  • When done click 'Save and display'

Adding Questions

  • While viewing the quiz, you can now add questions by clicking 'Edit quiz'
  • Click 'Add a question' and select from the many types of questions
  • Click the blue mark next to each setting to learn their purpose
  • For example, if you chose multiple choice, you can enter the question and multiple answers. Each answer has a 'Grade' which is the score the student will get by selecting that answer. 100% would be the absolute correct answer, None for incorrect, or a percent in between if the answer was partially correct.

Running the Test

  • Each student should log in to moodle as themselves
  • The student navigates to the course page and selects the test
  • The student selects 'Attempt quiz now'

Reviewing the Results

  • You can view the number of students who have completed the test by clicking on the test on your course page. You will see 'Attempts: 1', where 1 would be the number of students who are finished.
  • Click on the Attempts link to view details about the class' performance. Click on 'Review attempt' under a student's name to view their personal test results.
  • If it was allowed when setting up the test, students will be able to view their own results once completing the test as well.

Running a Closed-Book Test

Setting up your test is exactly the same, the difference being when your students come to take the test, there is a special computer account to use which puts the computer in Examination Mode.

At the start of class, you or your students should log in each computer to be used for the test using the user name exam and the password exam101 - this account is locked down so that only the school Intranet can be accessed. When the computer logs in, moodle will open full screen. No Internet pages can be viewed except Huntingtower sites, students cannot access their files or USB drives, nor use any program on the computer such as the calculator.

When the test is over, to log out of the computer push the Windows key on the keyboard, located between CTRL and ALT and then press the log off button on the screen as normal.

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