Assignments Online

Using moodle to run an assignment allows you to cut out the need for paper submissions or student emails filling up your inbox. You can run the entire assignment from moodle - distribute worksheets, resources, images, etc. as well as take up submissions, provide grades and feedback all online!

Students can submit their work be it Microsoft Office files, PDFs, images, audio or video by clicking the 'Submit' button on the assignment page (please note that uploading assignments from an iPad is not currently supported, please use a computer for uploading). You can also create assignments where the students must enter an essay directly into moodle, or use the assignment module to remind students about an offline assignment due date.

Teachers can set a start and automatic cut-off date for submissions, leave feedback comments on the students submission and even audio feedback. You can grade on a numerical or custom scale.

Adding an Assignment

Setting up an assignment involves only a few short steps:

  • Browse to your course page and turn Editing Mode on from the button at the top right corner of moodle or from the Settings Block at the bottom right of moodle
  • Under the desired topic, choose 'Add an activity or resource'
  • Select 'Assignment'
  • Give the assignment a title and description (assignment details) and configure the submission dates and any other settings you desire
  • Click 'Save and display'
  • That's it - it's ready to go! If you want to add worksheets or other resources for students to refer to for the assignment, simply add those items to the same Topic as the assignment.

You can track which students have submitted assignments or give feedback by navigating to the assignment page again while logged in as yourself.

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