Managing a Course

Categories and courses

moodle breaks down subjects into two basic tiers:

  • Categories: This is the list of generalised subjects, e.g. Mathematics
  • Courses: This is the subject breakdown, e.g. Year 7 Mathematics

You can access courses by selecting their category in the Course Categories block on the left-hand side of moodle. If you have enrolled in any courses you may see the My Courses block instead - in that case, to see the full category list, select All Courses link at the bottom of the block.

Editing Mode

When it comes to making changes to moodle, Editing Mode is your new best friend. Normally, when you browse moodle you are looking at the site in User Mode, so that the interface is not cluttered with little icons and settings. When you want to edit or add something, you must first enable Editing Mode. To do so, click the "Turn editing on" button at the very top-right corner of moodle, or locate the Settings Block at the bottom right-hand side of moodle and click the link named Turn Editing On. Now you are ready to moodle!

Below is a list of each editing icon you will find throughout moodle while Editing Mode is enabled, and its purpose. If you ever forget the meaning of an icon, simply hold your mouse over it wherever it is on the site and the description will be displayed. Learn these few icons and you will be well on your way to being a moodle master!

Creating Courses

If your course (e.g. Year 7 Mathematics) is not listed in its category (e.g. Mathematics), or you want to create a new course for another reason, you can do so easily with the steps listed below.

  • While viewing the course list for your category (e.h. Mathematics), turn on Editing Mode from the button at the top-right corner of moodle, or from the Settings Block at the bottom right of moodle
  • At the bottom of the category page, select the 'Add a new course' button
  • Course full name: The name of your course (e.g. Year 7 Mathematics)
  • Course short name: Any abbreviation of the full name (e.g. Y7maths)
  • Availability: If you do not want students to access this page right now, set this here
  • Every other option on this setup page can be left as the default.

If you wish to create an entire new category for the home page (e.g. if Mathematics did not exist and you wanted to add it), please contact the ICT Department to do this for you.

Updating Courses

Once your course has been created (or if it already existed!), you can view it by clicking its name in the course list. To make changes, first turn on Editing Mode from the button at the top-right corner of moodle, or from the Settings Block at the bottom right of moodle. Each course on moodle is divided into topics. It is up to you how you prefer to arrange them.

Add a topic
To add a new topic, click 'Add Topic' icon at the bottom of the page (see Number of Topics icons in icon chart above).

Add content to a topic
To add content to a topic, click the '+ Add an activity or resource' button for that topic. You will be presented with a list of types of content which can be added. Click each item to see an explanation of its use and click the 'Add' button to add that content.

Uploading / Sharing files
Please see the guide, Sharing Files

Viewing your course as a student
Turn on Student View to see how your course will appear for your students. In the Settings Block at the bottom right of moodle, select 'Switch role to...' and choose 'Student'. Remember to click it again to switch back when you're done.

Creating Staff-Only Courses

This works exactly the same way as a student course. When you have created your course, click the eye icon next to it's name on the course list to "hide" it from student view. Then click the settings icon and under the section 'Availability' select 'This Course is Not Available to Students'. Save the changes and you're good to go!

Changing the Method of Enrolment for a Course

There are three basic types of enrolment for courses on moodle:

  • Student self-enrolment (the default for all new courses) - Students can enrol in the course simply by visiting it and clicking the 'Enrol' button
  • Password self-enrolment - Students can enrol in a course by clicking the 'Enrol' button and entering a password set by the teacher
  • Manual enrolment - Students cannot enrol in a course. The teacher must enrol the students for them.

Setting up Student Self-Enrolment

The default for all new courses, this does not need to be set.

Setting up Password Self-Enrolment

  • From your course page (e.g. Year 7 Mathematics), go to the Settings block at the bottom right of moodle
  • Click on 'Users' and then click the text 'Enrolment Methods'
  • On the next screen, click the pencil icon next to 'Self Enrolment'
  • Enter your desired password next to 'Enrolment Key' and hit save
  • From now on when students attempt to enrol in your course, they will need to know that password to continue.

Setting up Manual Enrolment

  • From your course page (e.g. Year 7 Mathematics), go to the Settings block at the bottom right of moodle
  • Click on 'Users' and then click the text 'Enrolment Metods'
  • On the next screen, click the eye icon next to 'Self enrolment' to close it / disable that option
  • Check that 'Manual Enrolment' has an open eye icon. If it does not, click on it to open it.

Manually Enrolling & Unenrolling Students (when using Manual Enrolment)

  • Once Manual Enrolment has been set up (described above), return to your course page (e.g. Year 7 Mathematics)
  • On the Settings block, click 'Users' and then 'Enrolled Users'
  • On the next screen, you will see the list of students currently enrolled in your course
  • Click the 'Enrol Users' button
  • Type part of the name of the student you wish to enrol and click search
  • Click the 'Enrol' button next to the student's name
  • Note: You can set an automatic start and end date to the enrolments. To do this, on the enrolled users screen click the settings icon next to the student's name.
  • To unenrol students, from the enrolled users screen, click the 'X' icon for the student on the far right of their entry

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