Printing at HT

Print Cost Breakdown

A4 / A3 Greyscale: $0.02 per page

A4 / A3 Colour: $0.10

A4 / A3 Two Sided: 25% discount

Student Print Credit

Print credit is allocated at $45.00 per term. It is your responsibility to keep track of your remaining credit using the Printserve / Webprint site or the Printing app on your iPad. Your print credit will refill to $45.00 at the beginning of each term. If you use up your print credit allowance, you will need to purchase additional print credit by visiting the reception front desk and requesting a print credit top-up of $20.00, which will be applied to your account shortly after. The top-up charge will be added to your account fees, so you do not need cash.

Printing from School PCs, Macs & Laptops

Huntingtower PCs, Macs and Laptops have been configured to print to the closest printer - in the case of laptops, the closest printer to the room the laptop belongs to. If you need to print a document to a printer not listed on the computer, you can use Web Print (see below).

Installing Printers on your Windows Laptop

Installing printers on a Windows laptop is fairly straightforward.

1) Open a 'Windows Explorer' window, e.g. 'My Computer' or 'This PC'.

2) At the top of the window type the address "\\printserve" without quotes and press enter

3) If asked to enter your logon details enter "huntingtower\yourusername" without quotes and with your school username in place of yourusername, then enter your password. Select to remember the password.

4) You will now see a list of all the printers in the school - double click on the desired printer to install it.

Please note that you should not print to a printer unless you are currently in that classroom. If you need to print at other times, use the Senior Library.

Installing Printers on your Apple MacBook

Instaling printers on an Apple MacBook can seem tricky - there are a number of steps involved, but if you follow the instructions by clicking here, you will be printing in no time.

Printing from your Laptop / MacBook without installing (WebPrint)

You can print from your own computer while connected to the Huntingtower Wireless Network. Using your Internet browser, go to and select the 'Printserve Web Print' button on the menu at the top. If asked to sign in, use your school login, e.g. SURNAMEfirstname and your school password. Select 'Web Print' from the list of options and follow the instructions on the screen. Web Print can print Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images and PDF files. You can also use Web Print to print documents from school computers to printers they do not normally list.

Printing from your iPad

There is a one time set up required for iPad printing. On your iPad, visit http://printserve:9191/ios/install (or click this link when using your iPad). Select 'Install' when prompted. Now locate the green 'Printing' app that has been installed to your iPad and launch it. Enter your school login, e.g. SURNAMEfirstname and your school password and you will see your remaining print balance. From now on you will be able to print from apps by using the share button. 

Last modified: Thursday, 26 May 2016, 2:54 PM