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  • Focus on Colour, Culture and Identity Students will be offered the opportunity to explore Colour, Culture and Identity and appreciate the artistic works of Indigenous Artists and Impressionists in Europe and Australia and explore how they position themselves along this timeline. In this unit, students explore Indigenous Art and symbols, the Impressionist movement and develop their own artworks in Lino Cut, paintings and ceramics. They document their choices of subject matter in their visual diary using the 4 analytical frameworks. After exploring Indigenous Art and symbols, and Impressionism in Europe and Australia, students create a lino cut, paintings and ceramics. Using their own images and their understanding of culture and identity as source material. These are reflected upon in their visual diaries through written exercises.
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  • Students use a variety of starting points in particular, drawing from direct observation or from photographs, working with the elements and principles of visual composition in two-dimensional areas such as drawing and painting and also in three-dimensional areas such as sculpture. They generate and extend their ideas through research into the visual arts. They view, discuss and write about artworks.

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    Drawing is an essential part of any art activity. The emphasis in this unit will be to produce either a portrait or still life drawing using observation or expressive drawing methods.


    The aim of this unit is to introduce students to the traditional methods of painting, and to encourage them to use different paint media and techniques.


    The aim of this unit is to introduce students to the skills. Techniques and media associated with the reduction method of relief printing. The students will increase their understanding of design elements and to extend their art terminology enabling them to judge, discuss and interpret works of art.

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  • Unit 1

    This unit focuses on realising ideas through the exploration of techniques, selected art forms and/or media. Students are introduced to a range of materials, skills and concepts through a process of investigation and discussion. Specific tasks are set to direct and facilitate the process of investigation. Exploration and research is undertaken to support a range of visual solutions. Students will also explore the social dimensions of art with reference to the importance of the social setting of artworks, the social functions that art can serve and the ways in which social issues are interpreted in past and present-day art.

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  • Unit 3

    This unit focuses on making personal art responses through a broad and innovative investigation including exploration and experimentation within selected art forms and/or media. Throughout the unit students will develop and refine a sustained body of work. Students are introduced to the frameworks to interpret artworks produced before and since 1970. The frameworks will be used to respond critically to artworks, to interpret their meanings and messages and as a basis of comparisons between them.

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