| Saturday, 2 September 2017 |
Global event
Year 11 Leadership Excursion - Westbourne Grammar
8:30 AM » 3:30 PM
  Christine LenghausMel Beal
Global event
Mimir Chamber Music Festival Masterclass
10:00 AM » 12:00 PM
  Selected StudentsTransport: School bus or with parentsMelba Hall, University of MelbourneLynley Bramble
Global event
Junior School - Ball Games Carnival (Years P-6)
1:45 PM » 3:45 PM
  The Ball Games Carnival is one of the highlights of the Junior School Calendar and all students are expected to attend. The Carnival commences at 2.00 pm on Saturday 2 September. Doors will open at 1.45 pm. The Carnival will conclude with a barbeque hosted by the PTA where sausages and drinks will be on sale.We encourage all families to invite members of their extended family to join them for this wonderful Huntingtower spectacle. Seats for spectators are available at the side of the court as well as upstairs on the mezzanine level. Seating is at a premium so please have pre-school children sitting on an adult’s lap and older siblings standing. Student arrangements:Students perform in full sports uniform which includes House polo-shirt, PE shorts, sports socks and pure white sports shoes (small amount of navy or pale blue trim permissible). Shoes need to be cleaned for the Carnival. Students are encouraged to wear their school tracksuit over their sports uniform to school. House colour ribbons may be worn in the hair.Prep and Year 1: Meet in their classrooms with their teachers at 1.45 pm. They will then walk over with their class as a group.Years 2 - 6: Please be seated in the Junior School Gym by 1.50 pm in their House area.Every student will be in a minimum of two events. If, for any unavoidable reason, your child will be unable to compete, Ms Greiveson must be informed in writing before 11 August as teams will need to be reorganised. This is a compulsory event in the Junior School calendar.** IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the Dunsmuir Drive gate will be locked as per the Local Council’s requirements. Please do not climb over or lift your child over the Dunsmuir Drive fence or gate.We look forward to sharing this exciting event with you and your family.Yours sincerelyJoanna Clapp