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10/03/2013 - Blocking Internet Ads on your home computer
Benn Gardiner

While ads on websites support that site financially, they are often obnoxious, get in the way and track your Internet use. You can speed up your Internet as well as protect your privacy and never see an online ad ever again. It's quite easy!

If you use Internet Explorer 9 or 10:
Visit , locate "EasyList Standard" and click the "add" button

If you use Google Chrome:
Visit and click "add to chrome"

If you use Mozilla Firefox:
Visit and click "Download Now"

If you use Safari:

On an iPad:
The native Safari browser does not support ad blocking, however if you wish you can use another browser that has the feature built in, such as Atomic ($1.99)


11/02/2013 - iOS 6.1 Update for iPad and iPhone
Benn Gardiner

Update: Apple has released version 6.1.2 which corrects the issues.

The latest software update from Apple is causing a wide range of serious issues - please do not update your iPhone, iPad or iPod to iOS 6.1. If you have already updated there is no way to undo it, and not all users report the same problems. Apple is working on a new update which will fix the potential issues, listed below:

  • Severely decreased battery life
  • Overheating
  • No phone reception
  • 3G data dropouts
  • Inability to sync with iTunes
  • Slow email

30/01/2013 - Student ICT Announcements 
Benn Gardiner

There are a number of changes and improvements to ICT at Huntingtower in 2013. Please see below for details!!

As you will have noticed, moodle has replaced HT Start as the homepage for students in 2013. All of the links which were contained in Start are now located along the top of moodle. You can also access moodle from home, your personal laptop, your iPad, phone, etc. from

Moodle has been redesigned and rebuilt with many new features. There will be more improvements to come in the future!

Saving Files
Students will no longer lose files by mistakenly saving them to the 'Documents' folder of the computer you are using. The computer's 'Documents' folder and your network 'My Documents' folder are now synced. The duplicate 'My Documents' folders in many students Z:\ drives is also now corrected.

Print Credit
From Term 1 2013, student print credit is now allocated per term and will refill each holidays. If you run out of print credit and require more, you can head to the front desk and request a top up of $20. The charge will be added to your account, so you do not need to pay on the day.

Printing is no longer forced to two-sided mode, however if you choose to print two-sided, black and white or both your print job will be discounted. For a breakdown of print costs, see Printing at HT.

Web Print
You can now print from your personal laptop without having any printers installed. To do so, from the top menu of moodle select 'Printserve Web Print', sign in, hit the Web Print button and follow the prompts. Web Print supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files.

iPad Printing
You can now print from your iPad. There is a one time set up required: on your ipad visit http://printserve:9191/ios/install (or click this link). Select Install when prompted, then locate the green 'Printing' app on your home screen, launch it and sign in. From now on you can print from apps using the share button. Please note that two-sided printing is not currently supported from iPads, so be sure to disable this option!!